Life on Autopilot

Reposting an old blog I have on my old website. I find this very timely in my situation now. Inspired by the book, “Now and Not Yet”, written by Jennifer A. Marshall.

Over a year ago I find myself looking at the mirror asking myself, “Is this the life I want for myself?” I’m so glad I found this again. Here it goes:

I’ve started reading a new book entitled “Now and Not Yet”. Many of us grew up thinking that  all would come along as we go through life. The days of autopilot.

There isn’t much thought or deliberation. Like a forward motion. Buying school uniforms, new lunch boxes, and every so often, there’s a new addition to the routine. Speech classes, summer jobs, or a new kid in class.  Entering high school, after that it’s fairly easy. On an established timetable: choose a college, choose a major, get a job or go to grad school.

Many of us had the general impression that this perpetual forward motion would land us at destination: “Marriage” sometimes in our mid twenties. Others pictured a more scenic route through some independence on their twenties and marriage about the age of thirty.

Either way, when reality deviates from the ideal course, the discrepancy between our experience and our expectations can be disorienting. Sooner or later… Sooner the better. The autopilot that propels us from adolescence to adulthood runs out of gas.  When it stops short of the desired destination.  Something else has to kick in if we’re making progress toward the purposes for which we are created.

When auto-pilot ends, that’s when life begins. Like it or not there is no road map for life, no place we can go in reprinted directions that tell us, go east after college, or slow down, watch for a man.

The guide to life details just aren’t that clear.  As a result, we need to develop our own sense of direction. Life stretches us further than we thought we could handle. We develop a stronger sense of self and learn self-reliance for things we might have preferred to have a man around to do.

The horizon is expanding. Unexpected circumstances that test the talents we knew we had, and the need for change makes us recognize other gifts we’d never noticed before..
It’s about enjoying what life brings us..