7 Strategies for a thriving change

It’s been said lots of times that there’s nothing permanent in this world except change. Change is never easy, it is registered first in our brain as pain until we recover. Here are seven tips on how to thrive whatever change you want to pursue whether it’s a change in the organization you live in, the company you work for or just a change in your life:

  1. Don’t live in the past: adapt to situations that are out of your control as quickly as possible.
  2. Understand the “new” and know yours as well. Look for a way to connect with the vision and culture. And, if you can’t, it’s time to move on.
  3. Listen carefully and openly to gain understanding and clarity of the culture, dynamics and politics before formulating a strategy or speaking up: the additional insight and nuance will enable you to speak with greater knowledge and credibility.
  4. Mind your words and actions: both are critical to reducing your team’s anxiety, getting their buy-in, maintaining focus, and keeping them at the top of their game.
  5. Take the long view when presented with a temporary assignment during a re-org, which could be the springboard for a career-redefining opportunity as a result of additional visibility and new connections.
  6. Understand that bad days and situations are only temporary. Find an outlet to work through the stress so you don’t bring it to your team or home to your family.
  7. Live for the 15% of work that’s not perfect – that is what will make you a better leader.
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