The Life cycle of a Gadget

Do you know where it goes when you don’t want it anymore? Most of us are not aware of what’s happening. The video shows what happens once we are done with the gadgets we once loved.

After watching the video, I’m careful of what I consume and think deeply if I really need a new one. I’ve been accumulating electronics for the past 10 yrs, and realised that it’s not worth it keeping all the gadgets as the technology keeps on evolving. After two years, it already depreciates value.

So what do we do?

1. Be mindful.

We should be mindful of our urban footprint. Buy products that you need and you know you’ll use for a long time. Don’t buy products just because they are on sale. Most products that are on sale are to be paced out. Their parts are limited, and at the time they get broken, the parts are no longer available. So a rule of thumb when it comes to technology, don’t buy anything that’s on sale.

2. Sell items you no longer need.

Two years is usually the optimised performance of an electronic. If it still works, sell it  or donate it. Give love. There’s no need for you to have two cameras. One is enough.

3. Read about Sharing Community and instead of buying, rent it!

Our world is getting warmer and we are getting stronger typhoons and greater calamities. It’s time we start being mindful about our urban footprint. Instead of buying, check if you have an option to rent. Heard about Sharing Economy? It’s beginning to be a trend these days.