Sunday Morning Meal Prep: Pizza and Chicken Salpicao

Sunday Morning is an ideal time to make meals for the rest of the week. This is a late post but I’m sharing it anyway. After trying beef salpicao, I’ve been obsessed to know how to make it. Instead of beef I’m trying it with chicken.


4 heads garlic (chopped)

4 pieces of Chicken (any part of chicken will do)

Spring Onion (chopped)


1/2 cup Soy Sauce

1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

First, marinade the chicken with soysauce, cayenne pepper and thyme. Let it sit for 20 minutes.

Melt a slab of butter and sauté half of the chopped garlic. Cook until golden brown. Remove it from the pan, set it aside. Sauté the other half of the chopped garlic.

P1110308Add the chicken (save the marinade for later). If you prefer to add more butter, please indulge. Add olive oil and let it boil, turn it to medium heat.

CookingwithAhnita4Turn the chicken, once it turns brown, add the spring onions and put it into low heat. Add the marinade and let it cook for 5 minutes.

P1110312Turn the heat off and add your golden brown chopped garlic on top. It tastes better as it ages. Serve with rice or soft bread sticks.

While cooking the chicken, I have my pizza in the oven. It’s made of left over pancetta, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, pepperoni, cheddar and mozzarella cheese. It tastes really good. I wanted to make the pizza dough myself but since I don’t have a mixer at the moment, I bought a ready made thin crust dough.