Movie Review: Relatos Salvajes

The movie starts in a holiday mood, everyone is excited to go to some place exciting. Apparently all of them received a free flight from a variety of circumstances. One passenger started chatting with another passenger, the conversation was overheard by another passenger and the conversation went on talking about the same person. Learning that they know the same person made everyone suspicious.

If you like black humor, you will love this film. I’ve seen the movie a few months ago and this is one of the top movies I’ve watched this year. It’s a series of short stories remarkably put together.

Each story begins on a serious note and makes an unexpected turn. It will make you gasp, feel anxious, and then find yourself laughing out loud of how hilarious the circumstance turned out.

The treatment and frames in the movie was tastefully selected with undeniably great acting. Definitely worth watching, I’ll watch it again in a heartbeat!