Contemporary Art Scene in Manila and Pinto Art Museum

The past few days has been relentless. I visit galleries on weekends and work on my web development course on weekdays. Last week I finished mapping art galleries within the city. It looks plain at the moment, I’m looking into making it customized for the website I’m creating. I’m getting psyched about this project I’m working on. This week I’m going to create the foundations of the web pages and add the design elements in.

contemporary art manila
Map of the contemporary art scene in Manila, watering holes, cafes and public transportation nearby.

I’ve also seen wall murals within the Metro and would like to add the exact location of the wall murals to help people save time in searching for the artwork. The picture below is from a walkabout I did around BGC (Bonifacio Global City). It’s a wall mural by the artist Faile. You can view some of his artwork in Instagram.

Wall mural by @faileart Brooklyn artist

Saturday, I went to see Pinto Art Museum. Even though it was quite a distance from my place in Makati, it was a great escape from the city. The bad weather didn’t stop me from going. It’s a huge estate, if you get hungry after viewing, they have two cafes inside the estate. Getting there was a breeze even through public transportation. Overall I think it’s worth it. If you ever plan to visit, get there early in the morning, have lunch at one of the cafes and maybe visit another gallery like the Ronac Art center (14.7km from Pinto), Galerie Stephanie (13.1km from Pinto) or Galerie Joaquin Podium (11.2 km from Pinto).

Pinto Art Gallery Antipolo

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