How to Get Better Service

Recently, I went on a trip to Moscow. Had a connecting flight in HKG to change planes from Cathay Pacific to Aeroflot. Thinking that they are in the same alliance, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting my luggage at the belt and check in again on my flight to Moscow. I’ve had connecting flights before but never had I ever encountered losing my luggage at my final destination.

The worst has happened. Luckily I have another shirt in my carry on and I was able to get on just fine. But after a day, my luggage hasn’t arrived in my hotel. Aside from the report I raised at the luggage counter at the airport, I raised my concerns to Cathay Pacific. Surprisingly they don’t seem to have a customer service hotline. It’s either their lines are busy or they just drop the line. About to lose my temper I went into my social media accounts and sent a message to their twitter account. I got my response right away.

How do we get better service?

  1. Call their customer service hotline. The best approach is a person to person approach. If you can’t talk to them face to face. Pick up the phone and call them. You can get a faster response if you talk to a live person. Don’t just complain in Social Media, get hold of a representative.
  2. If calling doesn’t work. Send them an e-mail. Write a comprehensive and polite email describing your concern. People respond to a well written email. You may be frustrated but lashing out on email is not the best way forward. Explain your frustration but make it in a way that you sound like a person who means business.
  3. If email doesn’t work. Use social media. If all efforts are not working check out their last social media post. If the date is not far off from the date of your complaint, there is a 95% probability that they are checking their social media profiles regularly. Send them a short description about your concern and you will definitely get a response within 24 hours. Most companies these days has social media accounts in their websites. As soon as you spot this, it’s a huge signal that the company puts high importance in their reputation. Therefore whatever issues you have, you will get a response right away. I eventually received my luggage after two days, better than losing all of my personal belongings.
  4. Reviews. The best way to improve better service is through reviews. This is where people go to before they go to a bar, a restaurant, purchase an item or order a service. Reviews are important because you have people giving their opinions about a service or a product. If you are satisfied with the service or you want to express your displeasure, help others and share your experience. It never fails.

So far I’ve put in practice these steps for the past 11 years of traveling. I’m recognized as a top reviewer in Trip Advisor and would continue to write in my spare time. I hope you’ll find this useful.