Growing tomatoes in a Condo

My friend Steve has a lovely balcony, and because he has enough space, he thought of growing cherry tomato plants. It was flourishing with red tomatoes. He gave me a tomato and planted the seeds into pots. I almost gave up on it after not seeing any growth after 8 weeks, but after leaving it for a day, green leaves appeared. Now I have three tomato plants.

I’ve followed helpful tips online like sprinkling water and fanning it to fertilize the flowers. Later on I thought of boosting the plants by adding fertilizers. I read somewhere that adding coffee grounds will do the trick so instead of buying fertilizers, I used my used coffee grounds and dumped it into the soil. When I make eggs in the morning I just crush the egg shells and dump them on the soil. I’ve also removed some of the lower branches and put them on top of the soil to stimulate a natural environment, the result is overwhelming. As you can see, I have centipedes of flowers and the bulbs of tomatoes has evolved.

To help support the plants, I’ve twisted a paracord around the plant and attached it to a curtain rod. Growing indoors and having limited space is not a hindrance in growing plants. I like the fact that it grows vertically so space is not an issue.