The Making of Japanese Curry Rice and Tonkatsu


My friend Toshi invited me over for dinner to try his Japanese curry and told him I like what he made. I was thrilled when he gave me a box of the Golden Curry that he used for the meal. I’m not a very big fan of curry, but after trying it I instantly became a fan.

I recreated the curry dish with Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu (とんかつ or トンカツ) in Japanese is a breaded and fried pork cutlet. I used half of the box (4 cubes) for my dish. The instructions at the back is self explanatory.


1 big potato cut into cubes or one small potato bag

2 carrots

1 onion chopped

1/2 garlic chopped

1 egg (optional)

2 pork chop slices (depends on how many people are eating)

1 chicken breast for flavoring.

1/2 (4 cubes) Golden Curry

1/2 bag of green peas

1 cup vegetable oil for frying

5 cups of water



Making the curry is simple, it’s like making a stew and then you’ll add the curry flavor right at the end of the cooking process.

  1. Wash the potato and the carrots, peel them and cut into cubes and then put it aside.
  2. Chop the onions and the garlic.
  3. Chop the chicken breast into cubes.
  4. Turn the heat on and add your sauce and frying pans. If you have another burner, cook the rice. Put oil on the frying pan and wait until it gets ready for frying.
  5. On your sauce pan, saute the garlic and the onions, add the chicken, let it simmer and then add in the potatoes and the carrots.
  6. Add 5 cups of water and let it boil.
  7. On your frying pan, add the  pork cutlets and fry until it turns to golden brown. Turn it to cook each side.
  8. Check if the potatoes are soft enough, then add in the curry cubes. Stir until it reaches a slightly thick consistency and wait till it boils.
  9. Turn the heat off and then slice the pork cutlets. Serve the curry with rice, the tonkatsu and egg.