Contemporary Art Scene in Hong Kong

End of 2015, I made my way to Hong Kong. My 4th solo trip in a while. I went to see a few galleries in Hong Kong to check out the art scene and to see how it transformed after my last visit in 2007. Unfortunately since I was there during the holidays lots of galleries are closed. Nevertheless I enjoyed my time there.

First stop was at the Cattle Depot Artist village in Kowloon. I am lucky that I am just near the harbour and the transportation system in Hong Kong is efficient. I got there in 30 minutes after my lunch and coffee at Coffee Academics. Here you’ll find a variety of art studios of artists based in Hong Kong. It’s a worthwhile visit especially if you’re into contemporary art. You can also meet the artists while they work. It was a bit difficult to find because I can’t speak a word in Chinese and I was only relying on the online map.

One of the things I like about Hong Kong is its diversity. The pictures above are taken from Central Market. Unfortunately, it was crowded when I went and there are people right in front of the murals having their picnic. I also noticed stickers like the city pills. I’m intrigued who the artist is. The idea is brilliant. It inspired a few people including James Bernardo. Check out his video here.

The city is bustling with art, it’s filled with wall murals, graffiti and contemporary art museums. I also discovered PMQ. It’s one of my favorite places in HK. Aside from shops, it has cafes, cooking classes and galleries. PMQ is a home for young local “create-preneurs”, a stage for creative happenings and a place for creative lifestyle experiences.