Hungry in Moscow

I knew little about Russian cuisine but I enjoyed the uniqueness of the food compared to the other cuisines I’ve tasted. I also had the chance to discover unique products seen only in Moscow from my years of traveling. My first taste of Moscow was from the grocer. I arrived in the afternoon and was awfully tired from the long flight, I had no appetite to eat on the first night because the airline company lost my luggage. My boyfriend was so sweet, he bought a few items from the grocer. I especially like the meat flavoured cheese (made from Germany) and this aired chocolate bar, it’s flavourful but light. We also had some bread and pancetta that night. I wasn’t really in the mood to go out and eat that night but we went to a pub to have our welcome to Moscow drinks.

The next day we went to Stolovaya 57 at  GUM, to have our first taste of Russian cuisine and to see what a Soviet cafeteria looks like. It reminds me of the traditional school cafeteria where you point at the things you like and move your tray. It was cheap and delicious. We went crazy over getting sweets like the pancake and cakes. Our first visit was very enjoyable, I don’t mind going back there again on my next visit. 

One of the great advantages of staying in the center of the city is that you have a variety of options when it comes to food. I’m quite hesitant with the idea of eating pork and seeing a pig inside the restaurant, but for the thrill of doing it, we went ahead and had dinner at Funny Cabany. The place is spacious and the seats are comfortable. The ambiance of the restaurant is pleasing. I got myself some ribs while my boyfriend tried the beetroot soup, which has a bright pink color. I’ve tried it and it tasted good. I find it strange at first because I’ve never tried a cold soup before. He mentioned it’s like Gazpacho which is a Spanish cold soup. I also tried their coconut panna cotta which was a delight with bits of flowers on top. While we were finishing our drinks, we saw the restaurant’s mascot running around the restaurant. It was a great surprise. If you love pets, you’d probably enjoy this restaurant.

The next day we went gallery hopping and had a long walk to Gorky Park, we found big bean bags across the park and had a nap there. It was relaxing with the cool breeze and blue skies. After touring Garage museum we had our beer o’clock at the cafe. I must say the Eggs Benedict is to die for. I will never forget the cafe because it has the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever tasted. It’s topped with caviar! It was so delicious. Nevermind the pancakes!

One of the places I wanted to go to was a pop up restaurant I saw on Pinterest, but apparently they are only open for a certain period and we missed it. A bit disappointed, did a search for the nearest restaurants and stumbled upon Expedition restaurant.

What I find interesting was the helicopter inside the restaurant and thought it was a great idea to take my date here. I was first eyeing on seafood but when we got there, there was a variety of options. I’ve never had reindeer meat and moose meat before so we tried the reindeer pelmeni and the moose meat soup and the reindeer heart.

Everything was well presented and the food tasted good!

It was quiet when we went, but it got a lot busier as the night progressed. They have a band playing traditional songs which added to a great mood that night. The staff doesn’t know how to speak English but it’s good that they have an english menu.

We wanted to try the bikes in Moscow but unfortunately even though we followed all the instructions, we couldn’t get it to work.  We felt so defeated that day. To make ourselves feel better we went to a Khinkhali house Хинкальная На Воротниковский Пер.11. It’s a traditional Georgian restaurant. We had ox tongue, khinkali and shashlik. It was a delightful feast. I enjoyed the khinkali because it reminds me of the Chinese Xiao Long Bao but it is thicker and has a richer broth. I also like the ox tongue, it was exotic, you eat it with pomegranate and horseradish sauce, it was fruity and spicy, the mixture is very playful.

It was a great advantage of staying in a prime location. Some days when we want to spice things up a bit for breakfast we go to cafes near our hotel. Fortunately, the famous Cafe Pushkin is near. They serve a luxurious breakfast. I must say I was a little bit disappointed with the Eggs Benedict. I still like the one I had in Garage Museum cafe. Their selection of jams is interesting.

Russia gave me an impression of a country that has a variety of exotic meats. So when there’s something exotic in the menu, I get excited and try them. We weren’t very hungry so we’ve decided to eat something light. We had dinner at the Pera Restaurant at Red October. It’s one of the best intimate restaurants in Moscow. Unfortunately the staff doesn’t speak English well, however they still tried their best to assist. They have a menu in English, which was convenient. We had  roasted rabbit here and dessert. Go here if you just want to have a quiet and intimate night with good food.

My boyfriend absolutely love pies. So after our movie date at 35mm we went to Nikolay. It has an interesting concept. They have a huge space with lots of seats, there’s a bar that serves cafes and alcoholic drinks. The pies looks fantastic. My date went over excited with the pies we tried a blueberry pie, a cowberry pie, and a meat pie. I personally like their meat pies. Maybe I’m just not used to the sourness of pies but my boyfriend enjoyed it. It was a fulfilling meal. The staff are also friendly and can speak perfect English.

Our last few hours in Moscow was spent grocery shopping. We went to Yeliseevskiy Gastronom. It was an absolute treat, it looks like the opera house. I got some honey here, cheese and pickled herring. We also got sour milk pairing it with our blueberries. I like it better than yogurt because it’s lighter. The prices are reasonable.

Overall, my stay in Moscow and my food experience was phenomenal. I tried different types of meat and different dishes. Hunger satisfied.