Movie Review: Heart Attack (Thailand)

I have never seen any Thai movies, and this movie by far exceeded my expectations. It’s a story of a very busy freelancer and his day to day struggles as a Graphic Designer. Seriously, how can anyone not sleep for more than a day, how much more 5 days?

After days of not getting sleep, Yoon noticed that he has a rash. Eventually the rash spread through the rest of his body, he decided to go for a check up. He met a very cute doctor named “Imm”. Yoon (the lead actor) was smitten immediately with the doctor. He was given medication, and some lifestyle changes to make his allergy situation better.

The movie progresses with a series of interactions with his best friend Je who gives him jobs, Kai, his friend who works at 7eleven, his interactions with people in his industry and his doctor. I like how the script turned out because most of the exchange between actors is hilarious. The internal dialogue was also funny, it reminds you of Japanese anime. I was just disappointed right at the end because Yoon, no matter how he liked the doctor didn’t make any attempts to ask her out. Maybe Thailand is still conservative when it comes to showing love and affection in cinema, but I can’t make assumptions in one film, I have to see other romantic films to find out more.

I know little about the director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, but I was so amused that I researched more about him. Apparently Nawapol is one of the greatest directors in Thailand joining different competitions internationally. He won 11 times, the latest one was in 2013 in Antalya Golden Orange Movie Festival for the International Film Feature Competition for the movie 36. He was nominated 13 times internationally, the latest one was in 2014 as the Best Film, International Competition for the movie Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy (2013) in Buenos Aires International Festival for Independent Cinema.

Heart Attack’s story gave me a sense of appreciation of the lifestyle I am in. At least I have a work life balance which makes me healthy, appreciate the people I care about and the luxury of time to do what I want to do. This movie is a great awakening especially for people who think that prestige and acquiring wealth is the most important thing in life. Health is definitely wealth.