Back in New York

Standing at the rooftop of one of the apartments in Manhattan overlooking Central Park. The wind was blowing fiercely, all I can do was hold on to my hat and hold on to the railings of the roofdeck. Ice on the floor trying not to trip. It was a peaceful day in New York, and very  unlike the Christmas I usually have.


New York is one of the places I find myself very much at home. It’s a lovely city filled with museums, beautiful parks, a vibrant art scene and towering skyscrapers. I love New York for a variety of reasons but most of all, the man I love is here.

New York offers a lot of things to do during winter. In this trip I get to see Mankind in Playwrights Horizon. The play is by Robert O’Hara. It was set at a time wherein women were extinct and men are able to reproduce. The set was like a rubix cube, it morphed into different scenes seamlessly and gracefully. The actors were fantastic. I also liked the part that it allowed audience participation. We had a good seat in the house. I just wished I stayed more awake to enjoy more of the scenes. The jetlag started to kick in right at the middle of the play, I found myself dozing off and waking up.


Aside from the plays, I also like watching good movies. Not the hollywood ones but more of independent films. My favorite cinema in New York are the IFC theaters. They have a good selection of independent movies. This year, I get to see The Square, which is by far the best movie I’ve seen in 2017.

Skiing at Bryant Park - Ahn Bustamante

I had two days free on my own in New York but it was too cold to just wander and be outdoors most of the day. I was curious to see what the library was like. So I went to see the main library beside Bryant Park.

I went early that day and learned that I can go to the main library at 10 AM.  I stayed in the small library first and did some research and moved to the main library. It was beautiful. It’s similar to the libraries I’ve seen in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore. It’s comfortable, you get a lot of light from the windows. It’s very conducive to learning.

They have computers that you can use to research, power outlets are available for your laptop and you can even loan a laptop for 45 minutes within the library. If you’re an avid book reader, and you are not a resident of New York, You can have a temporary library card and have access to different books by signing up for a library card. Details of which are stated in their website.

Guggenheim is one of my favorite museums in New York. I went there again on this trip learning that there’s an ongoing exhibit about to end soon. It was about Art in China after 1989. It didn’t disappoint. A few art installations I like best in this exhibition are: Precipitous Parturition by Chen Zhen, it looked like a dragon hanging across the ceiling of the Guggenheim made out of bicycle inner tubes, aluminum and plastic cars, fragments of bicycle, silicone and paint. Uncertain Pleasure, which was a video installation showing scenes of scratching different parts of the body. I also liked Visual Art, Add Oil! March Forward! by Zheng Guogu. Like any art exhibition, there are some odd installations which will make you feel awkward and intrigued.

Based on the available exhibitions during this trip, I find the exhibits in New Museum far more interesting than the current exhibits in MoMA and MoMA PS1. The exhibition was Gender as a Tool and as a Weapon. It explores gender’s role in contemporary art in an age that is more inclusive and fluid in the expression of individuality.

Aside from the main exhibition, the museum also featured other works of art. My favorite is the short film by Khalil Joseph, Shadow Play. It’s captivating. The scenes are in analog accompanied by a catchy rhythm. The dancing was hypnotic, it has this New Orleans Mardi Gras feel to it.

Up next.. Arizona and Las Vegas! Stay tuned!