Winter in Arizona

Antelope  Canyon is one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever seen. The slot canyon in the American Southwest was gracefully made through time.  The light peeking through the cracks from above gives stunning hues of red, orange and purple.


We ventured early in the morning to catch our flight to Las Vegas and got our rental car, drove by Double Negative in Nevada. It’s another site worth visiting but I’ll tell more about it in another blog.

We stayed the night in Courtyard Mariott at Lake Powell in Page, Arizona. We’ve decided to rest as soon as we got to our hotel since we arrived late and it was a long drive from Las Vegas.

The next day I was eager to try Navajo cuisine (which turned out, nothing is open during our visit since it’s an “off-peak” season). For breakfast, we went to Ranch House Grille. A family owned restaurant. The meal was on the heavy side with tortillas, hashbrown, eggs, and chorizo. Whenever we eat out, we would order different meals so we can have food tastings. I always like our dinner choices.

So far I find Arizona amazing. All these rock formation makes me in awe of everything and how these canyons were formed. Since we are early birds, after breakfast we went to Glen Canyon Dam which is not far from the hotel we are staying in. The sunset was spectacular as it shines through the vast landscape.

We planned the trip quite well. I booked a photo tour from Adventurous Antelope Canyon tours for us just so we are not rushed to get pictures. It’s a more exclusive tour of the Antelope Canyon. There was 8 people in the tour with us. The land formation was incredible! According to the guides, the canyon was formed because of a flash flood. The sand absorbed the water and the sun makes it hard over time. During winter, the water trapped in the sand gets frozen and as water freezes, it expands. Sometimes forming cracks.  The loose sand gets blown away. After an earthquake, cracks formed right at the middle. The area is prone to flash floods and as it occurs, the cracks gets eroded by water forming the waves you see in the canyon.

We toured the Upper Canyon. In the summer time, there are light beams which is a delight to see. We went during the winter time so there’s not many light beams but I really didn’t mind. I was there to see how beautiful it is and happy to see Antelope Canyon in person.


We’ve decided to have lunch after. Since there’s not any Navajo restaurants open during the time of our visit we settled for Mexican food. I was particularly looking for Mole since it’s been a while I’ve last had it. It was delicious! The only problem I have is the food in the US always comes in big servings. I am not able to finish everything. The meal goes well with Horchata. Actually, any Mexican meal goes well with Horchata!

We accomplished a lot in one day. After lunch, we went to Horseshoe bend which is not far from Antelope Canyon. Here’s our map for the day:

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 6.53.58 PM

The red location icon is where Horseshoe bend is. The stars marked  are other important locations during our visit. I always find google maps very helpful in navigating anywhere in the world. I find it useful especially in the US, it has some features not available in other countries.

We’ve decided to take it easy the rest of the evening. There’s a few places we wanted to go to but they were full. We ended up having dinner at Strombolli’s. Food was good and it was enough to satisfy our hunger. We tried the local beer which was a perfect match to the pizza we ordered.

We woke up early the next day to go to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. We took some pictures along the highway. The scene was spectacular. The sunrise on the horizon, and the varying colors of pink, lavender, light blue, orange and yellow. It was stunning!

When we got to the Grand Canyon, I can’t help but be in awe at the grandiosity and scale!

We got early in time for breakfast. Zach told me that when he was a kid they tried the chocolate drink at El Tovar which he’ll never forget. I was curious to try it. We shared El Tovar’s Signature Cinnamon roll, since it was way too big for me to finish.  It came with the scent of Christmas! I just love the scent of cinnamon.

A few pictures here and there. I was ecstatic!

We had a short washroom break and we were already on our way to go hike the Bright Angel trail. It was an easy hike for me since we made a deal that we will only spend about 1.5 hours in the hike. The path was wide enough and there’s not many people around. I was excited to go down the Grand Canyon.

Reading the signs, the park administrators strongly suggests that if someone is eager to hike at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, they had to stay the night or camp as the varying altitude may cause sickness. A permit is required to camp at the Grand Canyon.

We stopped at the 1.5 – hours mark, we rested and we talked for a bit. Seeing there’s not many people around, Zach pulled a small box from his breast pocket and there it was: