App Review: Journi App

I was looking for an interactive note taking app while on my travels and the closest one to what I want is the Journi App which was released this year.

One of the great features of this app is that you can create a timeline of your experience, add location to the moment and add a caption and see the rest of your adventure in a map. You can also create a photobook out of the moments you’ve created.

It can improve on:

  1. Other options for travel like commute through trains or other modes of transportation like a boat or a ferry.
  2. Setting of the weather not dependent on the location. This is especially useful for old journeys.
  3. Import or send requests through other social networking apps.
  4. Marketing. The social feature of the app can be great, but it won’t be as fun if there’s only a few users using it. The interaction matters to. It gets people hooked.

So far the app works well with my needs. But I may need to upgrade to the full version to get the full functionality of the App.