Spring in New York

The wind was blowing fiercely, warning us of a storm approaching. The clouds grew darker and the tree branches violently waved as if warning us to stay inside. I tried to hold on to my seat as we waited for the kids to arrive. The rain started to pour. A car pulled over. Finally, the kids arrived. The ceremony is about to begin!


Spring in New York was something I wanted to experience, but when I came, most of the days it was wet and windy. It was a relief to see beautiful flowers while walking in the city. Nature was in all its glory. Birds chirping, the scent of flowers in the air is lovely  except when you sniff pollen and then you sneeze! The flowers and the trees are having sex right in front of you without shame.

It was beautiful. Even the trees give off their scent. I maybe someone who takes pleasure in the simple things like a pleasant aroma of food or a fragrance from a flower. I live in the city, my senses is usually sharp, that anything that is out of the ordinary just tickles me and I appreciate it.


We spent mother’s day at Grand Nana’s apartment in Manhattan to celebrate her 100th birthday. It’s an accomplishment having to walk the Earth for a century and her eyes are still healthy! We had a simple birthday celebration and the room was filled with loved ones who have been with her for most of her years. Her apartment was also filled with flowers.  Everyone had a taste of the cake too.

If I’d live a hundred, there’s nothing more I can ever wish for but surrounded with family and friends. We asked her which birthday is the best birthday she’s ever had, and she said it was her 100th birthday. I’d choose the same if I ever reach that age.

A day after mother’s day, I get to experience what a life of a politician is like. I went to see my then boyfriend in action. We were in the the south shore of Staten Island and most of the voters there are Republican. I get to see firsthand how the audience brawled at the Yes, Impeach now campaign.

Campaigns are tough. You have to put on a strong facade and talk to different people. Aside from confidence, you have to sell your platform to everyone. You need to have a strong grasp of your message and say it with conviction. I really admired him for getting out there and putting on a brave face. He was the only one from the candidates who wanted to impeach the current President.

I’ve also seen the other candidates and observed how they campaigned over time. All of the 6 candidates improved in their delivery and they’re all persistent in flipping the votes to blue this November. Exciting times!

Since everyone in my husband’s family will be in town, we decided to tie the knot a few days after mother’s day. We had a simple ceremony at Roosevelt Island, where my husband was born. It all worked out well despite the storm passing through us while we were exchanging our vows. We were all damp from the event.

Yes, we finally did it!

We had a delicious feast at a Greek restaurant and gave our Thank You gifts before heading back to our hotel to celebrate our first night as husband and wife.

It was the simple things that most people ignore that we absolutely treasure. We didn’t do a lot of things that are expensive or too out of the ordinary. We enjoyed having beers together in the afternoon, cooking a meal and  had ice cream tastings. We miss so much of these moments, and we hope that in the years to come, we get to spend more of these moments together.

We picked up the kids at their school and spend the weekend together. These are normal everyday things but are very special cause we don’t get to spend everyday together.

The art museums in May are somewhat at the end of their exhibits. Most are transitioning to new exhibits but here’s a few from this trip. We went to MoMA PS1, The Guggenheim and New Museum.

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