Calgary: Studio Bell

Studio Bell is the home to Canada’s National Music Center. The structure is beautifully designed by the Allied Works Architecture and is the first facility of its kind in North America. It is a museum, performance hall, live music venue and a recording facility.

The building was designed to incorporate the varied natural light of Calgary. As on enters the structure, you can immediately notice how much natural light is dispersed which shows off the beautiful lines and curves of the building.

Aside from the fine lines and curves of the space, it showcases the importance of sound in our daily lives and how beautiful music is formed and reproduced. The studio boasts a spectrum of music instruments from different eras, Canada’s music history and icons.

A separate section is available for artists to exhibit their work. At the time of my visit, Barenaked Ladies and Paul Brandt’s exhibits are ongoing. Each floor is generously equipped with LCD panels and the best high-fidelity headphones giving the ultimate viewing and listening experience.

Level 3 and 4 is the “fun zone” of the studio. The viewers are given the chance to create music themselves. The audience are encouraged to create their own sounds using voice. It also shows an explanation of how humans have used sound effectively to amuse and a means to survive. There is also a section which explains how music inspires us and moves us everyday.

Different corridors and spaces have caught my eye but one of my favorites is the section where in technology and music were integrated. It’s called bodyphonics; there are sensors in place, speakers and a projector so the participants can visualize the movement of sound and how each body movement produces different tones.


After viewing all the exhibits, I can say that this is the most comprehensive music center which not only educates the public in getting more interested in sound and music but it makes the audience understand how powerful music and sound is in our everyday lives. It is a haven for artists and anyone who appreciates music. It’s also a great venue to host events and performances.