Autumn 2018: Museum visit and New York Contemporary Art

Getting a break in November is quite unusual for me, but because of business decisions put on hold, I decided to go to New York to visit my husband and enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.


New Museum is one of my favorite contemporary art museum simply because it usually has interesting exhibits. On exhibit is Marguerite Humeau’s Birth Canal which happens to be her first solo exhibition in the US. Humeau’s exhibit features the origins of humankind which incorporates scent, sound and light.

Once you enter the exhibition space, you instantly hear a creepy sound track playing mixed with a sweet scent paired with weird sculptures. The overall experience for me was strange and creepy, but somehow effective in a way that you can distinguish the artwork and sticks in your head but wouldn’t want to experience it again.


Annoyance aside, there’s a favorite space in Museum that I usually enjoy and it’s their Film and Sound installation space with bean bags for a comfortable viewing experience. This Autumn, I get to see Marianna Simnett’s Blood in My Milk which was somehow whimsical yet bizarre the fact that she’s using medical instruments, nose bleeding and cockroaches in the film. Go figure! It was a fascinating mix of different flavors that I find it amusing.

Sarah Lucas, one of Britain’s most influential artist had a multi-level exhibition in New Museum. It was erotic and provocative. Big dick sculptures, a Crucified Christ sculpture covered in cigarettes. She used common objects to confront gender norms.

Au Naturel features Lucas’ most important objects which includes her early works in the 90’s and latest works. Everything was evocative and sexy, she took masculinity her own.

On this visit, my husband took the kids and I to Magazzino Italian art which is located in Cold Spring, New York. We had to take a train from Central station. It was a scenic ride and a definitely nice change of pace from always taking the subways.

From the train station in Cold Spring it was easy since the museum has its own shuttle service.

The museum features Post War and Contemporary Italian Art.  Co founded by Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu. The building was previously a factory and redesigned by Spanish architect Miguel Quismondo. The 20,000 square-foot structure was completed in June 2017.

On this visit, I also get to see exhibits in the American Museum of Natural history. Some parts of the museum were closed because of renovation. I especially like the taxidermy collection the impressive collection of  bones in the Jurassic and Cretaceous era since I’ve only seen them in books. All well maintained to preserve the rich history of the world.

Forever grateful.