Making Homemade Cheese

Inspired by people who create their own butter, I’ve thought about creating my own dairy products. Since I don’t have any food processor or blender, the easiest thing to make is cheese.


1 Liter of Raw Milk

4 tbsp of Vinegar

3 teaspoons of salt

Other things you would need:


A large bowl


Wooden Spatula with small holes


  1. Heat the milk and stir constantly to avoid burning. Use raw milk as much as possible. Avoid using ultra-pasteurized milk because it won’t form curds.


2. Before it gets to a boil, add the vinegar. Only put a small amount, stir and continue adding small amounts of vinegar until you’ve finished all 4 tbsp of it. You’ll notice that the curds are starting to separate from the whey.


3. Once the curds form, remove from heat and leave it for a few minutes.


4. Using a bowl with a drainer, separate the curds from the whey.  I don’t have a drainer at home so I just used a cheese cloth and added a twine around it so it won’t fall. It works as well. Make sure to squeeze all the excess whey.


5. Add salt, chives or pepper to your cheese and mix them. If you want a simpler cheese, just add salt.


6. Wrap your cheese with cheesecloth. Your cheese is ready and good for a week.


7. Serve with biscuits, add it to your pasta dishes or salads!


It’s so easy! Next challenge, I’ll try making Mozzarella cheese!