Paying it Forward

During my sabbatical in 2015, I’ve had some goals I wanted to accomplish in Manila. Aside from my upskilling goals, I wanted to give back to the community.

Hour of Code initiative 2016 with Accenture Technology

I joined Accenture in 2016, it was a great journey. I’ve joined and led many initiatives such as for 1 hour of code in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Coder Dojo, and Getting to Equal.

The last initiative I was a part of was in Ilaya Barangka Integrated School in Mandaluyong. I met colleagues from different departments and get to spend some time with the kids.

Public Schools in the Philippines have good computers. I must admit there was a struggle at first because our teaching materials (courtesy from Coder Dojo) require internet access. It turned out that the internet service in the school is usually sponsored. We had to use our own portable routers for the initiative.

Getting our resources together, we were able to deliver and the kids were very happy and was very eager to learn more about coding.

The picture above is from an initiative for Laura Vicuna foundation with the help of my Accenture colleagues and teaching materials from This was back in December of 2018. I remember there were a lot of challenges getting an organization to sponsor during the Christmas season, because many people are more generous. Luckily, with a great team and several back and forth conversations with the head sister of Laura Vicuna, we were able to push through and execute.

In 2019, Getting to Equal was probably the biggest event I’ve put together which involved a lot of conversations with many Women Start Up founders in the Philippines, my colleagues in Accenture and suppliers. Although we didn’t make it to the March event for Women’s month, given enough time, our team was able to pull it off and we had a great turn out.

The return to Manila was definitely worth it, despite many challenges and hiccups, I’ll do it all over again. It’s fulfilling and it gave me an extra boost of confidence.