Plant Studies

I had lots of free time after moving to the US. I arrived in the Autumn season and sometimes the weather can be unforgiving. It rained all the time and sometimes the weather can be so grim. Living in the Philippines and in Singapore, I miss having plants around.

It wasn’t long when I decided to have plants around the house to make me feel at home in my new environment. In immigration adaptation stage, I was in the adjustment and acceptance stage.

Growing plants in a different climate than I’m used to has been challenging for me at first because the heating in our house is not that consistent. When I got that resolved, I was able to finally got some things going like tomato plants which are the easiest plants to grow.

The rest of the plants I’ve purchased during the winter months. Some came to me in a not so great state because of shipping mishaps but after getting settled in their new home most of the plants have survived.

I probably got overboard with plants but here’s the very first batch of plants I have: Tomato plants, 3 Phalenopsis orchids, 6 succulent plants, a Fiscus Elastica, a Pilea Peperomioides, 2 Birds of Paradise, a Pothos plant and tried to grow some Kangkong plant.

The Pilea Peperomiodes almost died on me. At first I thought it would thrive in moist soil but later on I found out how it grows in it’s natural habitat. It needs to be watered when it’s dry and not to let the soil moist. Another thing I learned is that it’s quite picky with what kind of water it drinks. Now, I just water it with distilled water.

A few months later, here are my plants in the summer season. They are all thriving and happy. Most of my tomato plants are starting to bloom. I now have 4 Phalenopsis orchids, 2 are still in full bloom. The Birds of Paradise are growing abundantly with more leaves.

Aside from the plants I already have, I got myself some stunning Calathea cultivars which are native in the forest floors of Brazil. I got a Monstera Deliciosa because of it’s unusual leaf holes which are called “leaf fenestration”. I got flowering plants like Jasmine which were absolutely disappointing when it came, I hope I can grow them into beautiful flowers one day. I also purchased some beautiful red Gerbera daisies for the back yard, it surely makes any gloomy day seem brighter.

The best thing about gardening is how it teaches you patience and to be understanding of each plants needs. Plants can’t talk but they can definitely show signs of what’s wrong through their foliage.